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Nature Unplugged

The Woodstock, Naldehra is situated at an altitude of 7000 feet, barely 21 kms from Shimla on the Mashobra Naldhera Golf Course road. Your search for the perfect destination to seek an escape from the warmth of the plains and the cacophony of routine life ends right here !! Welcome to The Woodstock Resort where we wish to offer you to the simple, unhurried hospitality that lets you walk through the natural surroundings or, choose to relax in your room and even plan your itinerary, all at your own pace and simply according to your wish. Here the clock becomes redundant and time is defined only by the slanting rays of the sun and the whispering pines !!!


Spend the day teeing off at the world-famous Naldehra Golf Course or take a trip upto Tatta Paani on the river Sutlej and enjoy white-water rafting. Woodstock is surrounded by natural walking and hiking trails which lead you to breathtaking views of the surroundings. Naldehra is a perfect place for the camera enthusiast.Come and rejuvenate at Woodstock, Naldehra.

A home away from home!! Wake up to a crisp morning and then choose your day. A walk through the majestic cedars, hearing their whispers, the crunch of leaves beneath your feet, a hike through the hills, a packed gourmet picnic, a visit to the surrounding villages, teeing off at the golf course, a rejuvenating nap in your room, snacks or meals in the balcony area, the perfect cup of tea or coffee anywhere you wish, a smile, a giggle and warmth of our hospitality even on a bleak day that sees no sun….come and sink in the silent splendor of the resort that welcomes you into its fold and soothes your ruffled spirits.

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  • Breathtaking views from the roof top. Ultimate vacation! posted by Srividya in Woodstock
  • The staff was very nice and welcoming. posted by Mandeep Sidhu, Ludhiana at Woodstock
  • Excellent place !! Will come again. posted by Mark S, London in Woodstock
  • We were treated like family posted by Val Stratford, California in Woodstock