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The Woodstock lies in the midst of the Naldehra countryside where the serenity takes one by surprise. The landscape is dotted with stretches of green as far as eye can see. It is particularly noteworthy that this area is home to some of the most spectacular sunset views in the world. Like the intrepid traveler, the photography enthusiast has also charted new courses and is stretching himself in search of new arenas to explore through the lens.The place abounds with flora and fauna exclusive to this part of the country. Wildflowers growing indiscriminately in the valley are a sight for sore eyes and one sees pops of colour in the most unlikely of places.

India is one of the few places on the globe that can clearly mark out as being hot , humid and warm. Great weather remains a luxury. Few places offer solace in terms of good weather that calls for a celebration and we see extremes. At Woodstock, it is notable that one does not need fans even during the languid stretches of the summer months.

Winters bring in the chill and lately the area has been experiencing snowfall in December and early January. This makes it a perfect destination for the one who wishes to see Old Man Winter at his best. Some of us have never seen snowfall and our children also remain bereft of watching the tiny flakes descend from the sky. A trip planned during this time will offer all this and much more .One can venture out and explore beyond what is offered in guidebooks and travel magazines.

Rifling through history pages brings to light the fact that Lord Curzon had made this place his summer haunt and was so taken in by the beauty of this part of the world that he named one of his daughters" Naldehra" paying ultimate homage to this stretch beyond Shimla which was the undisputed queen of the hills during the time of the British the remnants of which are still visible in this commercially choking town.

A day trip to the city of Shimla can be an elevating and a humbling experience as one walks through the last of the colonial shadows. Himachal Pradesh known for its unique customs , cuisine and attire has remained the preferred destination and the best of what this north Indian state has to offer can be found in this city. It is also a stopover for those who are travelling to the interiors of the state or driving up to the popular Kulu Manali stretch or the orchard country.

Woodstock is a legacy, work in progress , a story whose details are still being etched out. It spells warmth and the ambiance is unpretentious, easy and compels one to drop all guard and forge a bond with nature. From the chirping of the birds at the crack of dawn, the breaking of light between the lofty mountain peaks at a distance, the glow that emanates from the sun dappled , whistling deodars, the dew that kisses every blade of grass before the harshness of daylight makes it mingle with the soil, the occasional monkey swinging from a nearby tree, the trails that call upon your wanderlust, the winding roads that make you feel good to be alive , the tiny streams and rivulets claiming their space through the dense forests, stretches of the valley that make you wonder why you are wasting your life closer to sea level when you know that the rise in altitude will strike a chord in your being and make you see the planet the way it was meant to be seen till man ravaged it and the untrodden paths were mowed down....these are all testimony to the fact that the Shimla, Mashobra and the Naldehra stretch will make you want to come back for more. Let Woodstock be the place where you kick off those sandals, inhale deeply and finally realize you have come home. The resort does not promise dripping luxury but pays homage to the the simple joys we all crave , seek and need. The joyful mirth that existed before materialism got the better of us.

Exciting things are brewing at Woodstock. A cafe is coming up and the elves are busy trying to put together a patio with a small but a hearty menu that will please the most discerning palate. During a road trip who has not been elated at the sight of a sign that beckons one to give the steering wheel a rest , stretch and just catch up on those phone calls or grab a bite ? The road leading up-to the property reminds one of the cobblestone pavements which have been converted into tiny coffee places in parts of Europe. You may have planned to take a ten minute break but then may be pleasantly taken aback if the watch becomes just a trinket as the minutes move into hours. The serenity is priceless in any season ( just a note : Santa Claus has banned out door cafes in the winter time as his reindeer have a tough time passing through cluttered driveways ) ! The swaying trees , the light streaming through and the nip in the air are enough reasons to hang around and gulp all that nature has to offer.

For the slightly more adventurous , the staff can put together a picnic basket and the winding trails can be explored. A dazzling array of snowy peaks on the horizon and the loveliness of the rising and the setting sun are enough to give goose bumps to anyone. Lace up those hiking boots, whip out the camera and shoot away. It could be a blade if grass that catches your fancy or a bird you may have never seen before. Stillness abounds, punctuated only by gurgling streams or the sound of the occasional bird.

Winters are a special time of the year at Woodstock as we show you the joys of winter with a blanket of white covering the landscape and snow as it falls. Warm your hands by our Christmas bonfire and experience the thrill of the perfect Eggnog on a cold day. Plan your Christmas and the New Year with us. Ask about our special and revised group rates. We will weave special memories to last you a lifetime.

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